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It's been over a month since I put out the call for interview questions for B5. The response to that call was overwhelming. I read every single suggestion and came up with a list of 47 questions with the goal of fitting however many I could into my 15 minute phone interview with the group. I was able to fit 30 of them in (plus a follow up on a fan question). Thank you to everyone who made suggestions.

When you are interviewing brothers over the phone like this, it is a definite challenge to pick their voices out and accurately attribute quotes. Like last time, I did the very best that I could. I'll be posting the audio from the interview up in a few days for B5 fans to listen to and then to pick the voices out for themselves. So, some of these may be off and a few likely are. But, for the most part, they are accurate.

Through fan suggestions, we talked about everything from their favorite movies and foods to gifts they've received from fans and the video to "In My Bedroom". Enjoy.

Kiya asked: What was the most difficult song on the album to record?

Patrick: The most difficult song to record was the accapella that we did called "No One Else", 'cause we had to really go in there and learn all the parts and do all the harmonies perfectly. So, that was the hardest song we ever had to do on this album.

Evan Maxwell asked: What is your favorite song that didn't make the album?

Carnell: My favorite song that didn't make the album was the Will.I.Am [track], "I Wanna Know".

Kelly: My favorite song that didn't make the album is called "Put Me On". It's really dope. Kinda sucks it didn't go on it.

Patrick: My favorite one that didn't get on there was called "Don't Go". It was done by a guy called Mishka.

Bryan: My favorite song was also "Put Me On".

Dustin: My favorite song was "Number One Song". It's just crazy for sure.

TiYana asked: What do you guys think of the sales numbers?

Dustin: We don't like them at all. Not happy with them.

Kelly: I mean, we expected better. But, you know, the music industry now... it's spiraling down. [There's] not something you can really do about that, except keep pushing forward, baby - keep working.

Joanne asked: Are you completely happy with the way that Bad Boy is handling you?

Patrick: I mean, we've been with them for over five years and they've done some great stuff, but sometimes, it's challenging.

Khady asked: Do any of you plan on going solo?

Various: Nope. No. Not right now.

Patrick: We're not thinking about going solo, we're worried about B5. Yeah!

TheRealAshland asked: Have any of you cameoed for other artists on any upcoming tracks?

Various: No. None right now. We've done some cameos for music videos and stuff like that, but we haven't been on the songs. Ludacris; "Georgia", Ciara; "1, 2 Step". But, as of right now, no, because we're focused on the album - trying to get that out there. Try to get B5 big.

Kaila Simmons asked: Is there still going to be a remix to "Hydrolics"?

Patrick: No, we were talking about it when it first came out, but we're so busy right now. We don't really have time to go in the studio and really make a remix 'cause, right now, our new single, "In My Bedroom", is out and we're pushing for that. We had a lot of DJs that wanted to do remixes to it. I mean, if there's some out there, that's cool - but, we haven't really made an official remix to that song.

OK, we're going to switch gears and run through some favorites. I'll say something and you tell me what your favorite is.

Kim asked: Football team.

Everyone: Falcons.

Sierra asked: Favorite athlete.

Various: Iverson. Yeah, Iverson. Let's see... Peja. No, Steve Nash. Who the hell is pastry? Peja Stojakovic. See, I don't know about basketball (laughs). Dennis Rodman.

Bryan: Michael Jordan. He left on top.

*Mizz Candy* asked: All-time favorite song that's not your own.

Kelly: My favorite song is "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson.

Bryan: "Thriller".

Carnell: "Dirty Diana".

Background (non B5): All Michael Jackson stuff.

Various: Yeah, we love Mike. Michael Jackson's good.

brittany asked: Favorite TV show when you were a little kid.

Various: Even Stevens was funny. Boy Meets World. Rugrats. SpongeBob.

Carnell: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

Patrick: Rugrats.

Bryan: Tom and Jerry.

Dustin: Power Rangers.

Kelly: I liked the Ninja Turtles.

Dija asked: Favorite clothing brands.

Various: Five four. Five four. Five four, Hollywood Cartel.

Bryan: Sean John.

Khady asked: Favorite food.

Patrick: Japanese.

Kelly: Japanese steakhouse for everybody.

Carnell: Italian.

Kelly: Yeah, everyone likes Japanese steakhouse, except for Carnell - he likes Italian.

Carnell: I like Japanese steakhouse, but I wanted to make it a little different.

Tina asked: Favorite cereal.

Kelly: My favorite cereal is the Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Patrick: Frosted Flakes.

Carnell: Fruity Pebbles.

Bryan: Lucky Charms.

Dustin: I like Honey Nut Cheerios.

Khady asked: Favorite movie.

Patrick: Anchorman.

Kelly: Yeah, I'd say Anchorman, too.

Carnell: Army of Darkness.

Dustin: I like Major Payne.

Lizz asked: Favorite actor.

Patrick: What's his name? Dude that plays the pirate... (someone: oh, Johnny Depp?) Johnny Depp and Jack Black.

Kelly: Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Vince Vaughn, Steve Carrell.

Dustin: Bill Cosby.

Bryan: Will Ferrell.

Carnell: Leonardo DiCaprio (someone: wow... really?).

Lizz asked: Favorite actress.

Kelly: Jessica Alba. Oh yeah.

Bryan: Halle Balle.

Dustin: Jessica Alba.

Patrick: I think Jessica Biel is hot. She did really good in Chainsaw Massacre. She really looked scared and stuff.

Carnell: Halle Berry.

connee and nene asked: Favorite color.

Patrick: Red, white and black. (someone (non B5): He said color). I know... I don't have... I can't...

Kelly: Black and yellow.

Bryan: Orange.

Carnell: Black and red.

Dustin: Blue - baby blue or violet.

Dija asked: What's the coolest gift a fan has ever given you?

Patrick: A fan hand made me a blanket and a pillow with my name on it.

Kelly: I got this really cool Build-A-Bear that they sewed braids onto it because I have braids. It was really cool.

Carnell: I got a Batman buckle custom.

Dustin: Some fans gave me some Ed Hardy clothes - like a shirt and a hat - that was really cool.

Bryan: I got a scooter.

Amber asked: What's the weirdest thing that you've autographed for a fan?

Patrick: A girl made me sign her dirty napkin at a restaurant and she used it to wipe her hands.

Kelly: I've signed like shoes - like really dirty shoes. Stinky underw- no, I'm just joking (laughs). I don't know.

Amber asked: Autographs aside, what's the weirdest request that you've ever had from a fan?

Patrick: Sign their butt cheek and can I have your bubble gum and all that stuff in your mouth. Can I have the bubblegum that you chewed on in your mouth?

Kelly: Yeah, like he spit it out and they go pick it up and start chewing on it - kinda gross.

Patrick: Some girls asked for our water bottles while we're drinking them - just so they can drink the water.

Ahla asked: What's going through your mind when you see fans crying over you?

Kelly: I think it's really crazy that fans have so much love for us that when they actually see us, they start crying. So, I'm like, wow.

Sheka asked: A lot of girls call you their husband, boyfriend, etc., etc. - what are you thinking when you see that?

Patrick: That's like just another way of them saying they really like us. And so they say, you're my boyfriend, you're my girlfriend. (Someone (changes voice): You're my baby daddy!) To us, it's like, oh, thanks. Yeah, we're going out tonight (laughter).

mahalia asked: How much do you log on to the B5 Online forums?

Patrick: I go on around every week or two. I like to check up and see what's going on. What they're writing about us and writing about me and stuff. I recently went on there at like 11:00 and talked to other fans on there.

Kelly: We try and make sure someones on there every day, though.

Patrick: Yeah, if it's us or Jim or C.J. [B5 Management], but mostly, we try to keep it within the five of us.

Dija asked: When was the last time you dressed up for Halloween and what were you?

Kelly: Not this Halloween, but the one before that, I think I dressed up as... what did I dress up as? I put on my motorcycle outfit. Oh, no I didn't, no I didn't-

Patrick: When I was first in Atlanta, when I was younger, I dressed up like Aunt Jemima.

Bryan: I was a ninja from Naruto.

Carnell: Last time I dressed up, [I was] a skeleton or something like that.

Kelly: I think I just put on my dirtbike outfit and with an ugly mask on it. Swaped around and scared little kids. That's what I do - scaring little kids for fun.

brittany asked: With the holidays coming up, does your family have any particular traditions?

Various: We have this new tradition - it's like a Polish thing or whatever it's called - everyone goes out and buys gifts and we have this crazy gift exchange thing going on and people take other people's gifts. It's hard to explain, but it's kinda fun and we do that like a day or two before Christmas, before we open up the rest of our presents. We have one where we just open up one present like the night before. I think that's everyone's tradition.

brittany asked: Along that same vein, is there anything you are looking to get for Christmas?

Patrick: I'm looking at this Lamborghini Gallardo that I want. I think it's kinda hot.

Kelly: I want this really, really nice keyboard for Christmas. The Motif. It's very nice.

Bryan: Jet pack boots.

Dustin: I want the red ranger outfit - just joking (laughs). No, I'm thinking of upgrading my car.

Carnell: A whole bunch of games.

Katelyn asked: Can you speak any other languages outside of English?

Kelly: I'm kinda learning Japanese, but that's about it.

Patrick: I was learning Spanish, but I forgot everything about it, so I'm switching over to Japanese, too.

Bryan: I can speak French. (Someone: No, you can't, shut up). I'm working on Japanese.

Kelly: No one can speak any other language though. We're working on it - we're messing around.

mahalia asked: Do any of you plan on going to college?

Bryan: I do.

Kelly: I wanna go.

Patrick: Yes, us four have graduated. Not right now, but when we have some time off, we're definitely going to go to college. I'm going to be a rocket scientist.

roni asked: What's the theme for the video to "In My Bedroom"?

Kelly: I don't think we actually have a theme, yet. We were looking at treatments and everything. But, I'm not sure if we actually picked the right one, yet. We've looked at a few and they seem pretty cool, but I don't know if we're allowed to give out that kind of information right now. We want it to be a surprise to everybody.

As far as I know, the schedule for shooting it - it was already supposed to happen. Do you know when it's going to happen now?

Kelly: No, it got pushed back and they said they don't have a date set for it yet, so we're kind of waiting.

Patrick: Yeah, because right now, "In My Bedroom" is climbing, so they want to get it playing heavy around the world - they want a little more radio spins.

Bryan: So, we can get it to the number one spot on MTV - yeah!