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I just spoke exclusively with former Bad Boy Records Senior Director of A&R, Conrad Dimanche. Yes, the rumors are true - he has resigned from the label. His final day was December 14 with his resignation being submitted around a month prior. But, the rumors are only half true, according to Dimanche.

While it is true that he left, he flat out denied that it was anything but a good, respectful parting of ways. He said that money and the work environment had nothing to do with him leaving Bad Boy. According to him, when he told Diddy and Harve Pierre of his plans to resign, they offered him a substantial pay raise to stay. When he opted to leave, they were supportive of his decision.

He told me that the reason he resigned was to focus on PMP Worldwide where he has a new role as President of the company. He's still consulting on A&R, a relationship that he says is likely to continue well into the future.

When we spoke, he was at Daddy's House working on finishing up the Danity Kane and Making the Band 4 projects. He's been grooming Daniel "Skid" Mitchell, one of the top people at Daddy's House, as his replacement. Though, no decisions have been made by Puff and co.

Mr. Dimanche expressed disappointment in the media as he tried to reach out to some outlets (he specifically named one gossip site that isn't worth mentioning) and they didn't even get back to him. He called it an example of the "media finding or making up a reason to run Puff's name through the mud."I told him that this didn't surprise me. This is why I always caution people who read these major gossip sites.

I read about the story a couple weeks ago but hadn't had the chance to chase it down due to traveling. I had a chance this evening and I contacted him myself. To say he was approachable and willing to help with the story would be an understatement. He responded to me within 15 minutes of e-mailing, asking for a number where he could reach me and we spoke soon after - at 10:44 PM ET. He was very affable and forthcoming. It simply reaffirms what we already know about gossip sites - it's about pageviews, not truth. It only took 2 minutes for me to reach out to him.

Here at Bad Boy Blog, we wish Mr. Dimanche much success in his new role.

Correction: On initial publishing, the article stated that his final day was January 14. This has been corrected as it was December 14.