Check out our Boyz N Da Hood section for more posts about Boyz N Da Hood. and have interviews with Jody Breeze, where he talks about Bad Boy and Boyz N Da Hood. You are a member of the group, Boyz N Da Hood, and youíve written songs for Diddy. Is it safe to assume that Bad Boy South is a likely choice for your new solo deal?

Jody Breeze: Not really. Well...they're an option. It's a new year and I'm ready to try new things. New group, new people...everything. Everybody is still family. This is a business thing. It's time for me to start branding Jody Breeze instead of just being connected to this or connected to that. It's more about me promoting me and just getting the ball rolling. ... With you being focused on your solo career is there any animosity between you and your former label team or your group Boyz N Da Hood?

Jody Breeze: No, I'm still working with the fam. But right now it's about me and proving, well not really proving, but just executing my plan. Just trying to stay humble and make s**t happen. With any group separation happens. From the Hot Boys to N.W.A there comes a time when members drift apart. You can't do that s**t forever. It was good while it lasted and they're going to always be family. We did a lot of s**t together but every man has his time when he needs to do his own thing and take care of his own responsibilities. I got to do me. I can't wait for a group of n****s to get their s**t together. I'm not saying that I'm through with them, that's just not my priority. I'm doing me right now.

Any new situations over there now that youíre a free agent?

Nah, no more new situations with Bad Boy. Iím not really tryna do any more Boyz N Da Hood albums. I might, I might make an appearance but Iím not really concentrating on that.

So youíre done with Boyz N Da Hood?

Yeah for right now man, this year is more about Jody Breeze than Boyz N Da Hood.