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News has been spreading fast that Diddy has changed his official stage name once again - this time to Sean John. I've held off on reporting it because, well, something is a bit funny here.

Everyone who reported it referred to a quote in the Daily Star or the Daily Mail. I don't understand why Diddy would announce it to a publication that is outside of the United States, where the announcement would make the most impact and generate the most buzz.

Sensing this strangeness, I reached out to a few different people to make sure I could verify it before I reported it. A few minutes ago, I heard from an official spokesperson for Mr. Combs. "Recent reports of a name change are totally false, he is still Diddy. He is currently in "Sean John" mode as the upcoming Sean John fashion show is scheduled for February 8th in New York," she said.

So, there you have it. It's not true.