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I was just sent the tracklisting for Day 26's self titled debut album, along with the tracklisting for the iTunes and Target exclusive versions, by a source at the label. These tracklistings may not be absolutely final, but they should be pretty close. Here is the regular version of the album:

1. "I'm The Reason"
2. "Got Me Going"
3. "In My Bed"
4. "Silly Love"
5. "Come With Me"
6. "Co Star"
7. "Come In (My Door's Open)"
8. "Are We In This Together"
9. "What It Feels Like"
10. "Since You've Been Gone"
11. "If It Wasn't For You"
12. "Don't Fight The Feeling"
13. "Ain't Going"
14. "Exclusive (No Excuses)"

The tracklisting given for the iTunes exclusive version is exactly the same, except that it features three mentions of "Got Me Going". Besides one of them being the actual track, I will take a reasonable guess here and say that one of those is the video for the song. What's the other one? Who knows, it could be some sort of remix or it could just be a placeholder for an iTunes exclusive track yet to be picked.

The tracklisting for the Target exclusive version is the same except that there is a new track called "Just Should've Told You".