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Last Sunday, I mentioned a blog post by mix engineer Ken Lewis, who said that the Making the Band 4 guys were now called 826 Boys. In the post, I cautioned that it should be taken as an unconfirmed rumor.

In an entry just past midnight, much earlier today, Lewis posts that they are now going by the name, "Day 26". confirms this, citing a radio interview. I like this name better.

And I believe that I have figured out the meaning of these names. Again, the first name we heard was 826 Boys. It didn't mean much to me. Now, we hear Day 26. Day 26 made me think of an actual day of the month. 826... 8/26... August 26. August 26, 2007 was the day when the band was made - when the guys were picked. August 26, 2007 is 8/26/07. 826. Day 26. Makes sense.