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Bad Boy has launched a new site. I want to be excited about this. I really do. There is no bigger Bad Boy fan than me, but I can't be excited about a site when details that should be taken care of, are not taken care of. I don't know why they can't get it 100% right, instead of getting it maybe 50% right. It sours the experience for any fan. And, honestly, it's embarrassing.

The site's not all bad. Like Bad Boy's previous sites, it looks nice. And it can work. And there are nice features that the site has. But, it's all ruined by the poor job that was done in adding and creating the content. Content is what makes the site. You can't launch a site with features that don't work and coming soon pages. You can't launch sites where substantial portions of content are wrong. I can't even begin to point out every single thing that is wrong, so I am just going to talk about a few things that jump out at me.

The search box does not do anything. Search for Diddy. Nothing. It's not functional. So, why is it one of the more prominent design features throughout the site? Why are store and merchandise both coming soon? Why is most of the news real old? Why didn't they concert the existing news items?

The large graphics that comprise the bulk of the upper part of the index page are nice. The menus on the left and right also have a nice appearance. The fact that they scroll and you can't manually scroll then - even though every item is on the screen at all times - is perhaps a little frustrating.

The artists pages are a litany of old videos, confusing entry points and incorrect information. Let's take a look at B5, for example. If you click them, you are taken to the video for "Hydrolics" and the start of a bio. So far, so good. Click to read more... where did the bio go?! You have to go to the bio page to read it. The page you see off the bad features a new section that is poorly formatted. Their music section shows an album called "Novo" by some other group named B5.

As if that wasn't bad enough, click on "Don't Talk, Just Listen". There are five watch links. Did B5 have five videos from that album? No, of course not. They had one. And that one, "Hydrolics," works. But, where do the other four go? They either go nowhere or they go to videos by other artists (check out the one for "In My Bedroom").

And these problems are not unique to the B5 page. They are all over other artist pages. Look at Gorilla Zoe's music page. He has one watch link. Well, OK, he's had more than one video, but hey... it must be to "Hood Figga", right? I mean, they have it showing on the site and in the multimedia section, right? Right? No. The watch link is "I Know" - a song without a video! And it links to the video for "I Know You See It" by Yung Joc. I suppose that's better than Elephant Man's page, which just has errors. Not even Diddy is immune.

On the index page, when you click on an artist, you are shown outdated videos. Why isn't it the latest video released or ... at least a video from their most recent album? Boyz N Da Hood has "Felonies", Cheri Dennis has "I Love You" (yes, it was from her album, but it was released a long time ago), Diddy has "Tell Me", Yung Joc has "1st Time"?!? Some artists don't have videos and that's fine, but if they don't have a video, get rid of the box and let the picture take up the whole screen. Mario Winans doesn't even have a bio, it just shows whatever you clicked last. So, if you click Jordan McCoy and then Mario, you read how he was on American Juniors.

All of the content on the site could use a good proofreading for grammar, format and consistency.

The multimedia section is actually pretty good - easily the best section of the whole site. They have most of the recent videos (no "I'm A G" or "Tryna Make a Jug") and an assortment of old ones. Of course, it should really be 100% up to date with the latest ones and a more comprehensive library of the older videos would be a nice bonus.

Suffice to say, this site should have never launched in this state. It should have been put through a heavy review, instead of trying to rush it out the door. There are so many things that are wrong, incorrect and, in general, not ideal. A disappointment.