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ClockWork Entertainment, the management company behind former Bad Boy act Dream, has released a treasure trove of unreleased material, including demos and alternate versions, spanning the group's entire career. They have been made available through 7 albums released on Snocap that can be purchased through the ClockWork MySpace. Here is now the 7 albums break down:

1. "Back To You" by Dream
2. "One Wish" by Dream
3. "Ooh Boy" by Dream
4. "Angel" by Dream
5. "Always Be There" by Dream (produced by The Underdogs)
6. "Love As You Know It" by Dream
7. "Save Me" by Allie Madrid

1. "I'll Be All Right" by Allie Madrid
2. "Ladies Night Out" by Ashley Poole and Allie Madrid
3. "Only U" by Ashley Poole
4. "Boyfriend Problem Interlude" by Dream
5. "Could It Be" by Dream
6. "Dream Talk About Fight With Boyfriend While Recording" by Dream
7. "I'm Not A Fan" by Dream

1. "Baby" by Dream
2. "Find My Way (Mid)" by Dream
3. "Let's Go" by Dream
4. "Say You Love Me" by Dream (produced by Diane Warren)
5. "Setting Sun" by Dream
6. "Sometimes" by Allie Madrid
7. "Save Me" by Allie Madrid

1. "Sometimes" by Allie Madrid
2. "Controlled (Different Version)" by Dream
3. "Doesn't Matter" by Dream
4. "First Place" by Dream (produced by Rodney Jerkins)
5. "Go And Get It" by Dream
6. "Love This Real" by Dream
7. "I'm Worth It" by Dream

1. "Daddy's Little Girl" by Dream
2. "This Game" by Ashley Poole
3. "U Got Me" by Dream
4. "So Easy" by Ashley Poole
5. "Sorry" by Ashley Poole
6. "Always" by Dream
7. "Help Me Understand" by Dream

1. "I Go" by Dream (produced by The Neptunes)
2. "Come Party With Us" by Dream
3. "Come And Get It" by Dream
4. "Keep On Dancing" by Dream
5. "Here I Am" by Dream
6. "Out Of The Picture" by Dream
7. "Pappi" by Dream featuring Manolo

1. "Krazy" by Dream featuring Eve (produced by Scott Storch)
2. "Makes You Xtra (Demo)" by Dream
3. "Neverland" by Dream
4. "So Good To Me" by Dream
5. "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Dream
6. "What's Real" by Dream
7. "Into Your Arms" by Dream

Random notes: On the sixth album, if you look at Snocap, there is a track called "Let's Go", but it's incorrectly labeled. It's actually "Here I Am". "Save Me" and "Sometimes" are both included twice and appear to be the same track in each of the instances.

Ashley Poole was one of the members of Dream and it appears that some solo tracks of her are included here. I don't know who Allie Madrid is. I hope to have more details on this soon. I'm also working on placing some of these tracks into a time line to get a sense for when they were all recorded. Hopefully, I'll be able to get more production details, as well.