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Check out the great remix by Jermaine Dupri to O'Neal McKnight's "Check Your Coat" which features a verse from Diddy, as well as some ad libs.

Before cutting in, Diddy says, "I'm the great one ... call me Puff Daddy ... he's back." And then, toward the end of the track, "Yeah, you heard me right, too. I said Puff Daddy. Yeah, I'm about to get back on that Puff Daddy s***. I've been going easy on y'all ..."

I'm really into this track, especially Diddy's verse. Nice collaboration. How should we take the Puff Daddy stuff? Is he saying that his next album is going to return to the Puff Daddy formula, ala the sound of "No Way Out" and "Forever" versus the sound of "Press Play"? I've e-mailed someone at Bad Boy to try to get some perspective on this.