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Back in March of 2006, we reported on the court decision that yanked Biggie's first album, "Ready to Die," from store shelves, because of an unauthorized sample in the title track. It awarded the plaintiff, Bridgeport Music, $3,500,000 in punitive damages, along with $366,939 in compensatory damages.

Bad Boy, et all, appealed and, yes, it has been going on all this time. That is, until April 10. Shourin Sen of Exclusive Rights reports that the court found that the $3.5 million dollar punitive figure was unconstitutionally high. With the $366,939 in compensatory damages affirmed, the plaintiffs (yes, there are now two of them - Bridgeport and Westbound Records) were awarded a lesser amount of punitive damages, totally $688,523. This is a reduction of $2,811,477.

Since that news back in 2006, the album has been re-released with the sample removed.

Via Jonathan Bailey.