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Dirty Money was on for most of today's "106 & Park" on BET to kick off "Last Train to Paris" week.

We know that Dirty Money recorded many records, certainly more than what made the album. Which makes sense. That is, generally speaking, how it works. Still , fans are always clamoring for new material - myself included. Well, it looks like more material is on the way. Diddy was asked by host Rocsi about material that didn't make the album and what might happen to it

"We got this version of the album that's called 'uncut,' he said. "This thing is like the freeze your face of the album. We had to put some cut on it, to be honest, just in this day and age. But, we feel it was the right type of balance. We did 60 tracks. What you have, you have a great collective order of the best songs. But, you got some stuff on there that everybody ain't ready for that we will get out after we do this. We're going to do it in stages on them."

Stay tuned.