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In an MTV News article about the recent Los Angeles home invasion story that Diddy was not involved in, this excerpt caught my eye:

Ironically, Berg says his production work is going to be featured heavily on Diddy-Dirty Money's upcoming Last Train to Paris LP ó Berg has co-production credit on the single "Love Come Down." ...

Among the many producers and artists mentioned as being part of the project, Yung Berg hadn't yet come up.

I'm just guessing here, but I have a suspicion he may be talking about vocal production, rather than song production.

Back in September, Diddy said that Rob Holladay produced "Love Come Down" and "half" of "Last Train to Paris."

The description of Yung Berg's most recent video blog is "yung berg hollywood robholladay in the studio." And the YouTube channel where he posts them includes numerous mentions of Holladay. If he's been working with Holladay, that could be the tie to "Last Train to Paris."

I've reached out to both Holladay and Yung Berg on Twitter for additional details.