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HOT 97's Peter Rosenberg, Cipha Sounds and Kay Foxx had Machine Gun Kelly on their show recently for a half hour long interview where they covered a number of topics. They discussed his ban from the Highline Ballroom, his stage presence, beef, his legal trouble and more. The video is below.

Among the more interesting things that MGK revealed was that the consistent trouble he's landed in, namely arrests, fights, lawsuits, being banned from 2 shows on the Hostile Takeover tour, had led Bad Boy to consider shelving his album and the rapper's management to discuss leaving him.

"I'm on like a 3 week and 4 days of sobriety of anger," he said. "I was about to basically be shelved by my label and my management was gonna leave because I have the worst attitude in the world."

"This is the first time I've really talked about it, but it got really serious. I almost got kicked off the tour. Me and Tech had a really great relationship, but I would be like beefing with other people on the tour. And then you think about it - if someone stepped at my best friend and came at him sideways and was doing all this stuff and was attacking my merch guy, I would be like, 'get this little guy out of here.' Tech was really fighting for me, which was crazy. Now that I look back, I'm like I can't believe I was that unappreciative."