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Earlier this month we mentioned a Vibe report that indicated that Diddy would sign with Interscope Records. Just Diddy. At the time, I was incredulous that he would not take the whole label with him, wherever he went.

But, Billboard is reporting that, according to a spokesperson, Diddy will leave his record deal with Warner Music Group/Atlantic Records, accepting a new deal that is already in place. The spokesperson would not confirm who the new deal was with.

"Now that the term of the Warner deal has ended, I have elected to accept an opportunity to move my recording career and future label venture to another company," they quote Diddy as saying, in a statement.

The emphasis is mine. Recording career and future label venture? Is the future label venture bringing Bad Boy to someone else? Or is it a new label altogether? Remember, earlier this week, we reported remarks from music producer Damon Thomas who said he had a joint venture label deal with Interscope and Diddy (the video has since been removed).

This statement raises more questions than it answers. Namely:

1. Is it possible that "Last Train to Paris" may not be released on Bad Boy? That seems unlikely. Maybe he just didn't want Warner distributing his album and promoting it. But, if that's the case, it gives the appearance that it isn't good enough for Diddy, but it is good enough for his artists, which isn't a good perception to create.

2. If Bad Boy is remaining under Warner/Atlantic, what will Mr. Combs' role be at the company? Will he continue to sign acts and release albums under Bad Boy/Warner/Atlantic?

3. What does he mean when he refers to a "future label venture?" Is this a new joint venture for Bad Boy or a new label that he will be heading?

I am sure that, in time, all will be answered. But, right now, there is a lot of uncertainty.

Via ForeverPDiddy.