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Previously, I reported that both i SQUARE's debut album and their lead single "Hey Sexy Lady" were both executive produced by Diddy.

In the "Hey Sexy Lady" piece, I noted that the group was said to be signed to The Pentagon/Interscope.

Why was this important? Well, it was 13 months ago when Damon Thomas revealed that he had entered into a joint label venture with Diddy and Interscope. The name of that venture? The Pentagon.

I noticed, last night, that a number of websites are referring to the group as a "The Pentagon/Bad Boy/Interscope" act. Where did this come from? Well, the source appears to be a press release/bio-type message issued on the group's Facebook page. If you click the "Info" tab, you will see that it plainly says, in the first paragraph that the group's lead single was released via "Pentagon/Bad Boy/Interscope."

ThinkTank Marketing, a digital media agency with an impressive client roster, which includes i SQUARE, lists the group as a "The Pentagon/Bad Boy" quartet.

On the group's VEVO channel, they released a behind the scenes clip from a photo shoot, which you can watch below. Starting at the 0:42 mark, the group describes how they received their deal. They say that "Damond, the head of Pentagon," asked them to perform the record for an A&R. That A&R brought them to Diddy and Diddy brought them to Interscope.

Earlier today, I posted a behind the scenes clip from their "Hey Sexy Lady" music video. The video, published by, ends with a Bad Boy logo, indicating the group is signed to the label, in addition to an Interscope logo.

Meanwhile, that bio notwithstanding, the group's Facebook profile simply lists their "affiliation" of "Pentagon/Interscope Records" and the same is true of their MySpace and YouTube profiles.

So, what is the answer? At this stage, without some form of official confirmation to cut through the mixed messages, I can't call it. But, as soon as I do know, we'll have it here. Stay tuned.