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Get Futuristic has an interview with music producer Mark Holiday, who mentioned that he had produced some records for Dawn Richard.

G.F. Ė As you know we done exclusive interview with one of your colleagues Ė Dawn Richard from Diddy Dirty Money. She told us that you have few surprises for futuristic music fans. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Trendsetter: Ė Thatís right! We have a lot of surprises for you!! Dawn Richard is incredibly talented artist, Iím really lucky and honored to work with her. I think we suit each-outer very well creatively, musically. Iím having great time producing music for her, Iím already produced a lot of tracks for her personally and also we working together on songs for other artists, but thatís all I can tell for now! =)

When asked about plans for 2011, he mentioned "I'm going to produce more tracks for Dawn."