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In an interview with HipHopDX, Bad Boy producer Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson talks about working with Diddy and Bad Boy, preparing to go on tour with Trey Songz and more.

DX: Well, let me ask you this as people always go on about Diddy not doing things for them when they are signed to him in whatever way. When you look at him and how he came up, he certainly didnít have things handed to him on the proverbial silver platter. Do you think that that is what he is looking for when he signs people to the label, people who are able to be self-sufficient?

Amadeus: That is a great question. I couldnít say that any better as thatís exactly how I feel. You have to show and prove and that is the same with everybody, the artist deals, producer deals. You canít just sign on the dotted line and then watch everything fall into place. Itís the total opposite, even though you signed on the dotted line and your name is now connected with Diddy and Bad Boy [Records] and you wear that brand, you canít just sit back, I had to work harder when that deal came about. Diddy has earned and created a lot of what he has on his own and I look at that as inspiration. Of course if I need something that is there or things given, of course I am going to take them, but as I always say, no one will work harder for you than you.