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In an interview with, Machine Gun Kelly revealed two additional collaborations for "Lace Up," his upcoming debut album.

"The song me and Lil' Jon got is called 'Lace Up,'" he said. "I've never made a song called 'Lace Up." I was like, 'f*** it, we've got to do one.' When Lil' Jon came into the studio to do it, I was like 'you're not getting on the song to be the anthem of my movement if you don't truly understand this."

To educate him on the meaning of "Lace Up," MGK showed Lil' Jon tour footage, fan tattoo photos and messages from fans.

He would not put a name to the other collaborator, wanting it to be a surprise, but said that it was "one of the greatest lead vocalists I've ever heard in my life" from "probably one of the greatest metal groups."

In addition, he discussed his relationship with Diddy and his dream collaboration: Eminem, who he has yet to meet. Watch below.