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Do you happen to remember that The Notorious B.I.G. survey sweepstakes for a 2 GB iPod Nano? Yeah, me neither. Well, guess who won?


I was surprised to receive an e-mail yesterday from someone at Atlantic Records congratulating me and asking me to fill out an affidavit featuring some sensitive info (i.e. Social Security Number). Not only that, but it had to be notarized and sent back to them within 3 days (faxed first, to speed up the process, if I wanted). So, after confirming that it did actually come from Atlantic Records, I ran out and got that taken care of. And the iPod arrived just now!

Thanks Atlantic Records!

I'm going to see if I can find out where this survey sweepstakes was located. I'll update this post if I do. I remember filling out the form on the Biggie Duets site, but I don't remember any mention of a giveaway. Maybe that was it, though.