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In an exclusive to Bad Boy Blog, the tracklisting for Danity Kane's upcoming sophmore album was given to us, along with the tracklistings for the iTunes and Target exclusive versions, by a source at the label. As with the "Day 26" tracklistings, this may not be the 100% finished product, but it should be pretty close.

Here's the tracklisting for the regular version:

1. "Bad Girl"
2. "Damaged"
3. "Pretty Boy"
4. "Strip Tease"
5. "Sucka For Love"
6. "Secret Place (Interlude)"
7. "Ecstasy"
8. "2 Of You"
9. "Lights Out"
10. "Picture This (Interlude)"
11. "Poetry"
12. "Key To My Heart"
13. "Flashback (Interlude)"
14. "Is Anybody Listening"
15. "Ain't Going"

The iTunes version is the same, except that it lists "Show Stopper" twice and "Damaged" three times. One of those extra mentions of "Damaged", I would figure to be the video for the song. But, what's the third mention and the two mentions of "Show Stopper"? Hard to say. It could be a remix or it could just be some sort of placeholder for the real bonus. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the Target exclusive version adds a new track, "Make Me Sick".