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A few days ago, we mentioned a Billboard report that indicated that Diddy would be leaving Warner/Atlantic Records, but that the Bad Boy roster would remain. At the time, I said that this created more questions than it answered. Well, Diddy jumped on Hot 97 and spoke with DJ Absolut last weekend and, though he referenced the situation, he basically revealed nothing.

Absolut asked him: "We want to know about this new Bad Boy exclusive distributor. What's going on with that?"

"Yeah, that's why I'm out in L.A. right now," Diddy answered. "'Bout to wait for this ink to dry, so like Monday or Tuesday. Definitely big shout out to Atlantic Records, [Michael Kyser] and Julie [Greenwald] and Kevin [Liles] and all them. We had a nice run; time for a change for me just in general and a fresh start for Bad Boy in general and I'm still involved with Day26 and Janelle Monae and [Cassie] and all of the acts that I have over there, but I get to get a fresh start in my new situation."

You'll notice that no label was mentioned beyond Atlantic. The rumors are Interscope, of course, but that hasn't been confirmed.