Bad Boy Blog is an unofficial Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group fan site. We cover everything to do with Bad Boy, from Bad Boy Records and it's associated artists and producers to Sean John.

We are a fan blog. We are here to support Bad Boy, its artists, ventures, etc. But, that doesn't mean that we'll agree with everything that they do or that we won't be critical.

We pride ourselves on accurate reporting. For this reason, we have developed a wealth of contacts - from artists and producers to label and artist management people. This allows us to verify stories, get the facts and give you the truth, as best as we can.

When we report a rumor, we label it as a rumor and attempt to get confirmation. We do not state untruths or half truths as facts. We are not here for gotcha moments or sensationalized nonsense. We are here to provide a service to fans and to give them accurate information.

With that said, we aren't perfect. When we get a story wrong or when we have additional information, we post updates and update the original post if it makes sense. We do not allow incorrect information to persist.

If you are a fan, you support not just with your time, but with your money. Because of this, Bad Boy Blog is very firmly against the illegal distribution of copyrighted audio. We do not allow it on our website, in any way, shape or form. Audio featured in our audio player is given to us by people who have the right to do so for the purpose of being played in our audio player. We do not accept submissions from anyone else.


Although we're huge fans, we are in no way affiliated with Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group (or any of its associated brands, such as Bad Boy Records, Bad Boy Films, Justin's, Sean John and Blue Flame Marketing and Advertising), The Atlantic Records Group or the Warner Music Group. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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