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The other act coming out of last night's Making the Band 4 finale was Donnie J. Ever since he talked about performing "Mo Money Mo Problems" at his 7th grade talent show and how it's always been his dream to sign to Bad Boy, I've been pulling for him. I thought (however casually) that a solo deal might come last night and when Diddy interrupted Sway last night, I thought to myself, "is he gonna give Donnie a solo deal"?

Sure enough.

Donnie has a couple MySpaces. His MySpace music one has an audio player with the following songs: "So Over U Part 2", "Say I Ain't Right", "So Over U", "Easier Said Than Done" and "Do it All Again". It also has a Snopcap store with 4 tracks for sale, but I can't get it to work. So, I'm not sure if it's me or them. But, the tracks supposedly for sale are "Do it All Again", "Broken Heart", "Easier Said Than Done" and "So Over U".