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In February and April, we revealed and discussed the DJ Hell and Diddy collaboration "The DJ," included on Hell's "Teufelswerk" album.

Longtime Diddy collaborator Felix Da Housecat, who last worked with Diddy on the "Lectro Black" mixtape, has come out with harsh criticism for Hell, accusing him of plagiarism. The vocals used on "The DJ," Felix says, were taken from a session that he had with Diddy and while Hell may have permission from Diddy, he did not seek permission from Felix.

inthemix says that Felix gave Hell a CD featuring unreleased outtakes from his sessions with Diddy. Felix was then surprised to hear these recordings used by Hell, without any prior notice. To prove that it was his recording, Felix gave the vocal track to Boppernation, allowing them to make it available for free download. The track posted is supposedly the unedited version of the session used for "The DJ." In it, you can hear Diddy shout out Felix. These shouts have been removed from Hell's "The DJ."

In response to Felix's claims, Hell's Gigolo Records issued the following statement, care of inthemix's September 23rd article:

Some of you may have noticed that Felix Da Housecat is waxing lyrical this week about the origins of the vocal Hell has used for The DJ. We would like to make this statement as a reaction:

This week sees the release of DJ Hells latest single ‘The DJ feat. P. Diddy,’ the third installment in a trilogy, which began in 2003 with ‘Let’s Get Ill’ feat. Kelis, followed by 2005’s ‘Jack U.’ Their latest collaboration was approved by P. Diddy and Bad Boy Entertainment in January 2009, with contracts issued by their law firm Grubman, Indursky & Shire, P.C. Since that time International Deejay Gigolo records, under the A&R direction of DJ Hell, acquired a host of acclaimed remixes, which all passed through P. Diddys office for approval and have subsequently found their way to your local record store.

In an apparent reply on his Twitter, Felix wrote: "Dj Hell u a Liar. U got clearance from @iamdiddy but u didn't get permission from me f****! I produced dat s*** what a jerk!"

"He [Hell] still had to get permission from me, because it was my recording session outtakes from Jack U," Felix elaborated in an official statement posted on Boppernation. "Not only that, he released Jack U without my consent or permission also and put my name and art on it..and I let that go nicely."

If you'd like to hear the single version of the track causing this controversy, "The DJ," is offering a legitimate free download.