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Back in November, Diddy was asked on HOT 97 about the status of Black Rob on Bad Boy. He didn't answer it, but said this:

"What I am... I'm a provider of an opportunity," he said. "I own a label called Bad Boy. I don't have a secret type of spell to control people's lives. I can't keep Black Rob out of jail. That's something that I could not do. I love Black Rob to death. That's what happened to Black Rob. If Black Rob was here and around, I know he'd be making great music."

We haven't heard from Black Rob since January 2009 when he spoke to XXL and told them that he was unclear on his situation, but was still cool with Diddy and Bad Boy. He's been serving a 7 year prison sentence since March of 2006. He was released for a seemingly brief period in 2007 and was supposedly close to release in January of 2009.

BET News has a brand new interview with him and they say it was conducted just two hours after his release from prison. Check it out below.

I think, at the end, he hit at the unfortunate part of this. I'm a Black Rob fan and he's got talent. But, his potential has been severely cut by poor judgment and that's a shame. It's a devastating, if not uncommon, example of someone who could have been very successful, but made too many mistakes. I'm not sure how long you can expect someone to put money behind you, to have money lost due to these sorts of lapses.

I hope that it's a new day for B.R. though and that from here on out, everything goes well for him.

I'm trying to confirm that he's off of Bad Boy with someone at the label. I'll report back when I hear something.

Via Mad Rapper.