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Update: This post was an April Fools Joke. I hope that everyone had a fun day!

According to multiple sources at Bad Boy Entertainment and Atlantic Records, Bad Boy Records will soon be changing it's name to Good Boy Records, following disputes between the two companies over ownership of the name.

Back in September of 2009, when Diddy announced his move from Atlantic to Interscope Records, Diddy revealed that Lyor Cohen had allowed him to keep "his name," Bad Boy. Cohen is the Vice Chairman and Chairman and CEO, Recorded Music - Americas and the U.K. for Warner Music Group, Atlantic's parent company.

However, according to one Atlantic source, the use of the name was only intended to extend to Diddy's releases - such as "Last Train to Paris" - and not to artists Diddy would sign to Interscope moving forward. But, with i SQUARE and Cassie both releasing music under "Bad Boy/Interscope," both parties have been actively discussing the point of confusion.

Bad Boy has resolved itself to a name change and that name, says a Bad Boy representative, will be Good Boy Records, playing off of the opposite of Bad Boy. It is unclear who will release the first album under the Good Boy/Interscope banner, but it likely will be i SQUARE, Cassie, Red Cafe or Jeremy Greene.

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