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"Lace Up" Mixtape Cover
Update: This was an April Fools' Day joke.

Machine Gun Kelly has decided he will no longer use shoe laces, according to a source close to the rapper.

One might wonder why this is news because, of course, there are plenty of shoes without laces and MGK is free to wear whatever he wants.

What makes this a story is that "Lace Up" is Machine Gun Kelly's popular catchphrase, a constant in his music and, really, wherever you see him. The #LaceUp hashtag on Twitter is regularly used; it is even in his Twitter bio at this very moment. #LTFU, short for "Lace The F*** Up" is another frequently featured hashtag.

"Lace Up" was also the title of his breakout mixtape and he has said that his debut album on Bad Boy will have the very same title. While the phrase has a meaning beyond shoe laces, it has been visually tied to them and, admittedly, it is hard to lace up when you don't have any laces to begin with.

To address this disconnect, the source said that MGK will debut a new term later this month, a term that will serve as his new album title. He'll slowly transition from "Lace Up" to this new phrase and be fully behind it by the summer.