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For years, since at least April of 2010, Sean "Diddy" Combs has been promoting a bottled water called AQUAhydrate. Today, via press release and press conference, Mr. Combs, officially revealed a joint venture with actor Mark Wahlberg an AQUAhydrate.

Mr. Combs, Mr. Wahlberg and company CEO John Cochran, formerly the President of Fiji Water, will oversee business strategy.

"As a brand architect, I am incredibly passionate and equally committed to every aspect of the businesses that I get involved with," said Mr. Combs. "Partnering with AQUAhydrate and Mark is an incredible opportunity for me and I am looking forward to making history in the process. It's important for me to be part of something that drives me and is constantly pushing the boundaries, and thatís what AQUAhydrate does. Together, we're going to take AQUAhydrate to the next level."

It is unclear how long Mr. Combs has been contractually affiliated with the brand.