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Bad Boy Records has historically been pretty bad about informing the general public about who is and isn't on the label. There has typically been two rosters: the roster Bad Boy is currently promoting and the other artists they've signed who they are not currently promoting.

As such, we have often maintained coverage of certain artists after they left the label because Bad Boy didn't reveal that they had left the label, but it eventually was said by someone credible or simply became clear.

Bad Boy Blog will now cease coverage of Big Gee, Boyz N Da Hood, Dirty Money (except as it applies directly to Diddy), Jordan McCoy, Marina Chello, Mario Winans and Shannon. With the exception of Dirty Money, all of these artists were signed to Bad Boy/Atlantic and when Diddy made the move to Interscope, he said that a Bad Boy/Atlantic label would still exist with the artists that he had signed previously. And it does.

But, over time, it has become clear that Janelle MonŠe may be the only active artist who is still signed to it. I've heard rumblings here and there but nothing anyone would put on the record, unfortunately. That said, the inactivity, the exclusion of these artists from the "official" roster and words from the artists themselves have indicated to me that it is appropriate to cease coverage of them at this time (and probably was appropriate some time ago).

If anything should happen regarding these artists and Bad Boy (or the work they created while with Bad Boy), I'll be sure to mention it.

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