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On Saturday, I wrote about the various signs that were pointing to i SQUARE being the latest act signed to Bad Boy and the first announced signing of the partnership between Diddy and Damon Thomas that created The Pentagon.

This has now been confirmed. Group member Destiny confirmed it to me via Twitter and this was followed by the release of the "Hey Sexy Lady" music video, which ends with "copyright 2010 PENTAGON/BAD BOY/INTERSCOPE RECORDS."

The group is comprised of three males - Mike J, Briddy and 10Bets - and one female, Destiny. According to their Facebook page, they formed in 2009 at Babyface's Brandon Way studios in Los ANgeles. At the time, Mike J was producing and writing and Briddy was interning. Thomas suggested they worked together and the other two members were brought in after that.

The about page on their website lists all of their individual Twitter profiles (collectively, they are @isquaremusic) describes some of their influences and says that the group makes "music that celebrates YOU, and encourages you to have FUN with life."