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Back in May, Donnie Klang revealed that he was no longer signed to Bad Boy.

As I have done in other cases, I held back on taking Klang out of our coverage lineup, in attempt to verify the news and give Bad Boy an opportunity to comment publicly.

But, the news has continued to spread and Klang has spoken with the press and on Twitter about the split. Yesterday, a blog post was published on Global Grind where he spoke about what happened.

Given all of this, I feel as though it is safe to say that Donnie is no longer signed to Bad Boy. So, his coverage at Bad Boy Blog will now come to an end.

Donnie joined Bad Boy officially in August of 2007 and we interviewed him about a year later. His debut album, "Just a Rolling Stone" (which I liked) debuted at 19 on The Billboard 200.

I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.